Checklist for Complete Manuscript Submission

If the following are attached to the submitting article, the document will be deemed complete. The following sequence of parts of the article must be precisely followed:


Title page containing title, authors' names, and full affiliations; corresponding author, complete address, telephone number, and email address (required), author for reprint requests, and ALL authors' entire address.


MeSH words







References are listed in numerical order. Double spaced reference list

Figures and tables are presented in numerical order. All graphics must be put as numbers alone in the text. There should be no illustrations in between the article parts.

Legends for all figures written double spaced and numbered appropriately. If necessary, explicit permission from the publisher is required to reprint previously published figures and tables, as well as two sets of unmounted glossy Figures (no less than 3-1/2x5 inches and no more than 8x10 inches) and consent forms for patient images. Additional files that can help the editorial board approve your content may be provided.