Aims & Scope

The PJAMMR (Peer-Reviewed Journal of Advanced Medical and Biomedical Research) seems to have a clear aim and scope. It focuses on providing a platform for the publication of medical research, targeting both students and teachers to foster scientific thinking and advancement. The journal aims to contribute to the development of scientific-oriented minds by disseminating original research papers, systematic review articles, and case reports.

In terms of content, PJAMMR covers a broad spectrum of biomedical health science subjects, encompassing both basic and applied medical sciences. It adheres to the uniform requirements for manuscripts submitted to biomedical journals, ensuring a standardized approach to publication. Moreover, the journal maintains a rigorous peer-review process involving subject specialists from Pakistan and abroad to uphold the quality and credibility of published articles.

PJAMMR appears to be committed to advancing medical knowledge and facilitating the exchange of relevant information for the improvement of diagnosis and treatment practices.