Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Outperforms Conventional MRI in Diagnosing Brain Tumors: A Comparative Analysis


  • Muhammad Aneeque Haider
  • Saram Javed
  • Murad Ali
  • Muhammad Awais
  • Sadia Javeed


Background: Despite several revolutionary advances in imaging technology, physicians are still unable to obtain findings that are 100 percent reliable. A number of limitations have been noted for imaging approaches.

Objective: The aim of this study was to compare the diagnostic accuracy of magnetic resonance spectroscopy with conventional magnetic resonance imaging for brain tumors.

Study Design: A Comparative study

Place and duration of study. The Department Of Medical Imaging Technology Riphah International University Faislabad Campus From 05-June 2023 To 05-Dec-2023

Methodology This study was carried out at the department of Department of Medical imaging technology Riphah International university Faislabad campus from 05-June 2023 To 05-Dec-2023 following receiving permission from the institute's ethics committee. The study comprised 154 people, both male and female, who had a clinical suspicion of having a brain tumor. Patients between the ages of 20 and 65 who had symptoms and signs suggestive of brain tumors or had nonspecific results from CT and MRI scans were the participants in this study. The technique used was MR spectroscopy.  The collected data were entered into SPSS v23.0, and frequency and percentage were reported for gender, positive MRI and MRS results, and histology, along with a 95% confidence interval.

Results; A total of 154 individuals were studied. The most prevalent age group was 50 years or above 78(50.6%) . Histopathology of 52 (33.7%) negative and 102 (66.2%) patients were tested positive for MR Spectroscopy. The findings of MR Spectroscopy were compared to conventional MRI alone, and with histology maintained as the gold standard, it was discovered that the sensitivity was 90.0% & specificity of 97.0% were at a higher diagnostic level. The results of the MRI accuracy comparison with the conventional histopathological results were 75% sensitivity, 83% specificity The MRS method has 90.0% and sensitivity 97%.


Thus, the study found that all of the diagnostics measures with p-values <0.001, MRS considerably enhances brain tumor characterization when compared to conventional MRI

Keywords: Diagnostic accuracy,Magnetic resonance spectroscopy,Conventional MRI,Brain tumors




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